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Close the gaps in your growth & development so you can boost the trajectory of your leadership careers...

Without doing any "homework" or
having to work longer hours.

You're fed up as a people manager

❌ Expectations keep stacking, but support is lacking.
❌ Firing on all cylinders but feeling stuck in the mud.
❌ Efforts go towards surviving the role, not thriving.
Why?You've been given no training or development on how to do your job.This means no growth.Your confidence takes a hit.It feels like everything is set up against you.You just want to:✔️Become top of mind,
✔️Create windows for opportunities,
✔️Boost the trajectory of your career.
Is that too much to ask for?And honestly...You don't need an another internally assigned "mentor"Who's gonna ghost you when they get promoted.What you need is:👊Someone who's been in your shoes that can help
👊Someone who can give you their undivided focus
👊Someone who figured out how to overcome it
👊Someone who knows what to focus on
👊AND how to deliver impact to it
💥Someone who gets YOU.

Meet Pathik Parikh

Pathik Parikh Leadership Coach

Learn from someone who's been in your shoes &
turned their career around as a people manager.

I started my career as a Manager at Amazon.No internships, no co-ops, no experience, and no idea WTF I was doing.
I almost quit 3 months into the role.
I turned my struggles into frameworks that helped me transform.These same transformations helped me:✅ Promote 1x a year
✅ Become top of mind
✅ Be a F300 GM in my 20s
✅ Deliver impact that matters
✅ Have Sr team fought over me
✅ Create windows for opportunities
✅ Boost trajectory of my leadership career
❤️ Improve the quality of life for me + loved ones.
Now?I help people managers level up their leadership and boost the trajectory of their careerBut the question is - how?Leave it to me.Here’s what I’ll do for you 👇1️⃣ Help you with limiting beliefs & clarity
💥 Confront them instead of ignore them
2️⃣ Learn to master your domain
💥 Understand all your moving pieces
3️⃣ Grow & develop your team
💥 Build trust based relationships
4️⃣ Learn to manage up
💥 Anticipate, navigate, and interpret your manager
5️⃣ Future proof your growth
💥 Support, avid learning, and self development

what you can expect with me

🗸 Live 1 hour group calls over Zoom Monday thru Friday🗸 Unlimited email + Voxer messaging support🗸 Self paced video modules + resources🗸 Members only LinkedIn Community🗸 No homework outside of work🗸 Lifetime Access to everything

See what people are saying

Steliana | Chief Operating Officer | OTP Leasing

Summer | Director of Client Relations | Big Interview

Rogelio | Planning Manager | Stericycle

Iivan | Operations Manager | Walmart, Ex-Amazon

Perry | Area Manager | Walmart

Tyler | Assistant Store Manager | Sprouts Farmers Market

Jake | Software Developer | Ex-Amazon

Pathik Parikh Leadership Coach

"Pathik has two 'must-haves' for a great coach for leaders... he has walked the path successfully AND he has a passion to help others. If you have discovered that your old skills that you promoted aren't enough for success as a leader - don't keep trying to do it alone. Reach out to Pathik and learn more about what leadership skills you may need to develop. Seriously consider investing in your own development... if you aren't going to, who is?"
Jon | VP Business Lead | Bayer

Pathik Parikh Leadership Coach

"Pathik exemplifies what a leader should be through his development of people as well as a constant drive for his own development. Pathik played a large role in my personal development at Amazon and I am certain he will continue to positively impact all who surround him both personally and professionally.
Jeremy | Senior Operations Manager | Amazon

Pathik Parikh Leadership Coach

"Pathik is a passionate and disciplined leader that dedicates time and invests in the growth of those he works with. Working alongside Pathik has been a productive and supportive experience that has motivated me to improve as a leader and individual."
Juan | Site Leader | Amazon

Pathik Parikh Leadership Coach

"In all my years of experience, some people stand out by their great qualities and Pathik is one of those people. He has the abilities, desire, and energy to make a significant and positive impact with any person he gets involved with. Through the time I’ve worked with Pathik, he has shown that he is a positive and motivated leader which made going to him for advice to advance in my career easy. His great personality and work ethic made working with him a pleasant experience. Pathik would be an extremely valuable asset for anyone. I am confident of his stellar performance and strongly recommend him."
Leonia | Area Manager II | Amazon

But wait, there's more

Did someone say bonuses?

Mindset ModuleConfront limiting beliefs throughout your career$197
Limiting Beliefs TrackerTrack limiting beliefs and actions to confront them$30
Clarity Module - Leader Vs ManagerSettling the age old debate$97
Mastering Your Domain ModuleUnderstand all moving pieces that you oversee$297
Mastering Your Domain TrackerTrack WHO, does WHAT, HOW, with WHICH TOOL$30
Time Management ModuleRealign your time, focus, and energy$97
Time Management TrackerTrack & audit your time to visualize how you spend it$30
Setting Expectations ModuleExplain the game, how to play well, & how to win$197
Coaching + Feedback ModuleEffectively deliver feedback$297
Feedback TemplateDraft & deliver feedback$30
Employee Life Cycle ModuleGive the right support based on your employee$97
Effective Delegation ModuleEffectively delegate to develop$297
Effective Delegation TrackerTrack delegation based on team development plans$30
Conducting Team 1:1s ModuleHave 1:1s with your team that they look forward to$197
Effective Engagement ModuleBuild genuine & authentic relationships on trust$297
Creating Culture & Branding ModuleCreate intentional culture and personal brand$297
Creating Culture & Branding TrackerTrack & visualize steps to create culture & brand$30
Performance Evaluations ModuleEvaluate your team's performance routinely$297
Performance Evaluations TrackerBuild genuine & authentic relationships on trust$30
Managing Up ModuleNavigate, anticipate and interpret your manager$297
Managing Up TrackerTrack behaviors to help understand your manager$30
Support SystemsFind your tribe and start to vibe with others.$197
Become An Avid LearnerLearn to view everything as a learning experience.$197
Self DevelopmentContinue development beyond your role.$297
Boundaries & Self Development TrackerTrack self development progress & set boundaries$30
Members Only CommunityLinkedIn community to share with your peers$270

That's over $4100 in value
on top of coaching!

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